About Us


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We are a successful electronic and software design consultancy comprised of engineers of the highest calibre. Established in 1999, we have designed products, systems, software and apps for every environment from homes and businesses to industry, medical, cars, broadcasting, aircraft and into space.

We have a broad skillset and can take an idea from concept to a finished product.
We can help guide our customers through the production process. We can undertake
whole projects or particular tasks.

We often work with small companies and entrepreneurs, and our customers include some of the most prestigious in the electronics industry. As engineers, it is ultimately the idea, the design, the product, the innovation and the invention that captures our imagination and drives us as individuals and as a company.

Should we have the opportunity to work with you, you would be dealing with a team who understand that your project and your ideas are important to you for your career and your business. That is why our customers keep returning to us; they trust us – we get it right.

Career OportunitiesWherever you are in your project or even if you just have an idea, give us a call and we would be pleased to discuss how we might help.

Our success depends on your success.

Westwood Rock - engineering your success